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Mortal Kombat Game

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat can be downloaded from the play store.
Mortal Kombat cant is played without the internet .

Mortal Kombat 11 GamePlay.

Mortal Kombat for mobile can also be linked to consols like a laptop or a desktop. You get the consol link option in the in-game settings option. You get a tutorial at the start of the game.
If you save your progress, you need to make a WB account that can be done in the game itself.
When you start the game, you get free characters so that you can start playing the game.

You get free souls by watching ads everyday maximum of three ads per day with five souls for each ad. There is 4 tier of characters as bronze, silver, gold, and diamond. Character cards can be fused to increase their stats.

Mortal Kombat Characters.

You get 1 free bronze pack every 4 hours.
You can buy silver character cards with coins.
But gold and diamond characters can be purchased only by souls.
So souls are a very important part of the game.
You get daily bonus objectives if you complete all of them you get souls and koins.
Your team will be comprised of three characters to play every combat.
Your attacking strength will be improved as you increase your character level up and equipment cards and support cards that need to be applied to the character cards.
Health is something like how much damage you can bear during the combat. Your health will be improved as you increase your character level up and equipment cards and support cards that need to be applied to the character cards.

Mortal Kombat 11Switch.

Recovery is something a character recovers overtime when the injured character is tagged out, and a new character fights the combat. Your recovery can be boosted and will be improved as you increase your character level up and equipment cards and support cards that need to be applied to the character cards.

The impact of damage from opponents depends on the toughness of your character.
Power is something you generate as the combat goes on with the help of which you can use special attacks.
A support card affects a character's attack, health, and power when it is applied to a character card. 
Equipment cards enhance the character's stats and abilities. There are three types of equipment cards as weapons, armors, and accessories. 
There are six types of character types as a martial artist, spec ops, nether realm, outworld, elder god, and nomad.

Mortal Kombat Scorpion. 

Specail attacks can be upgraded using upgrade cards or by spending coins.
Discipline provides a variety of buffs and special abilities for a character.
A fusion of a card can be done when you recieve a duplicate card. Fused cards are more powerful than their original versions.
Every character needs the energy to participate in combat. Energy recovers over time and can also be recharged by spending one soul. You also get three ads to recharge your energy for free.
Some moves cause temporary combat effects to a character known as debuffs and buffs.

Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks.

Characters afflicted with poison receive damage over time and cannot heal or regenerate.
Characters afflicted with slow will have their movement slowed considerably.
Characters afflicted by blind have missed attacks.
Characters afflicted by stun will be dazed and will be unable to react.
Characters afflicted by bleed will receive damage over time.
Characters afflicted by burning will recieve damage and power loss over time.
Characters afflicted by power drain are drained of their power.
Characters afflicted by weakening have reduced damage on all attacks.
Characters afflicted by snare cannot tag out.
Characters afflicted by fear are forced to tag out.
Characters afflicted by dispelling lose all debuffs.
Characters afflicted by curse takes more from all critical hits.
Characters affected by strengthen do more damage to all attacks.
Characters affected by shield take less damage from all attacks.
Characters effected by power generate power quickly.
Characters afflicted by frostbite are slowed considerably and loses power over time.

Mortal Kombat  Annihilation.

Challenge Mode appears for a limited time in which you can win a unique character. To win the challenge character, you will have to complete all the towers in the challenge mode.
Faction Wars is of a specific time in which you can earn blood rubies, souls, coins, character cards, support, and equipment cards depending on how much you score.
Display Name is something other players will be able to see on your player module in multiplayer, and display name can be changed at any point in time.
The player Module displays your war banner, display name, and account level.

Mortal Kombat 11 Variation.

Shao Kahn's Tower is the only place to earn talent points to use in their account talent trees.
Talent Tree is the only way for players to improve their entire account.
Relic Hunt Event appears for a limited time in which you can win unique characters. In order to collect the unique characters, you need spirit fragments that can be earned in the relic hunt events and Shao Kahn's tower.

Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe.

In Quest Mode, you need to choose characters from your collection to send away on a quest that lasts for a specific amount of time; quest has a specific requirement that must be met. Once a character is sent on a quest, that character is unavailable for use in other game modes except for faction wars. When the quest is completed, you get rewards if you win.
Feasts Of Strength increases the performance of a character which is available only for gold and diamond characters.

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