Friday, 10 April 2020

Coin Beach free spin

   Coin Beach

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Coin Beach is a fun and entertaining game that can be played by any age group; there is no restriction for children, as well as adults, can play it. When you join the coin beach game, you get two options 1st you can play as a guest 2nd login with Facebook.

As you start the coin beach game, you get some coins and spins with the help of which you can evolve your kingdom. If you are short of some coins to develop your kingdom in the coin beach game, on the right-hand side below, you will see a coin symbol click on that symbol, and you need to watch the AD so you can earn more coins to build your village. Same way if you are short of spins scroll down the page where you play spin on the right-hand side at the bottom, you will see a spin symbol click on that symbol, and you need to watch the AD so you can earn more spin.

What is the coin beach game?

Coin Beach is a game where you can attack and raid your friend as well as unknown people. You would like attacking, but you will love raiding. While you attack in coin beach game most of the time, it's your friend on the opposite side, but sometimes you don't want to punch him or her, you got an option to change the opponent. Every time you attack anyone in the coin beach game, no matter what, if your attack has hit the target or it's been protected, you get an option to watch a video that will give you bonus coins.

Coin Beach Raid 

But in a raid, you can't do that you need to raid the same person you get on the opposite side Coin beach game is not only about you attacking and raiding your friends and unknown people even they will be attacking your kingdom and raiding your coins. So to save your kingdom from an attack, you got something called a shield. You get three shields to protect your kingdom while you play spin in coin beach game, in addition, you also get three more shields just by watching ADS now in total you got six shields  which means if anyone is trying to attack your kingdom, the shields will protect you six times, and after that, if anyone attacks it will damage your kingdom

Difference between Coin Master Game and Coin Beach Game

In the coin master game, you don't get the free chest daily, but in coin beach game, you get three free chests on a daily basis just by watching ADS.
In the coin master game, you get only one daily bonus in a day after 24hrs, but in the coin beach game, you get three daily bonuses just by watching ADS.
In coin beach game there is a dog which runs in on regular interval and says I got a gift for you.

Coin Beach Game Card Collection 

You also have a different tab called Collection in Coin Beach game where you can collect the card. You can unlock the different card collection set as you move on to a higher-level kingdom. All card collections set contains nine cards in it. If you collect all the nine cards in a set, you will receive a reward that is spinning; You receive a different amount of spins depending on the level of card set collection you complete if you complete the lower level card set collection you will receive less amount of spins and if you complete the higher level card set collection you will receive a good amount of spins. You can also trade cards along with your friends.

Coin Beach Game Quest Center

You also have a different tab called quest center in coin beach game where you will see two different tabs 1st one is Daily, where you need to complete the given task and collect the available rewards. The missions get refresh after particular hours. 2nd one is Sign where you need to sign in daily regularly and collect the rewards.

Coin Beach Game On-Going Event

There are many ongoing events in coin beach games, e.g.: Build King, Jigsaw, Big Treasure, etc.

During Build King event, if you evolve one whole kingdom or more kingdom accordingly, you will receive the reward that will be spins and coins you don't need to wait till the event gets over as you evolve one kingdom you will receive the reward.
In the Jigsaw event, you need to complete the puzzle picture in which you get it while you play spins in the coin beach game. Once you complete the puzzle picture, you receive the gift in the form of spins and coins.
In Big Treasure Event, you need to hit the bomb on the target that's the gift that is hanging on the tree. If you hit it on the right target, you will receive the gift which is there in that gift box or gift bag.