Friday, 10 April 2020

WWE Champions

WWE Champions 

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WWE Champions game is by Scopely inc.

WWE Champions is played just like candy crush in which you need to combine bricks with doing damage to your opponent
WWE Champions have six classes of superstars, e.g., Trickster, Technician, Powerhouse, Acrobat, Showboat, and Striker.
You have daily rewards to be earned.
You also have daily missions to be completed to earn specific mission rewards.
In this game, you need to earn cash as well as coins
Coins are used to level up superstars
Cash is used to purchase new superstars

 WWE Champions Advantages

Trickster class have an advantage of +25% damage over the technician
technician class have an advantage of +25% damage over Powerhouse
Powerhouse class have an advantage of +25% damage over Acrobat
Acrobat class have an advantage of +25% damage over Showboat
Showboat class have an advantage of +25% damage over Striker
Striker class have the advantage of +25% damage over Trickster

WWE Champions Star Rank

If you want to improve your roster, you need to collect as many characters and level them up; You can level up your characters up to 4star gold.                               
There are 3 Star ranks, e.g., Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
You can fuse and enhance your characters to level them up if your character can be fused or enhanced their picture in your roster will display a fuse or enhance banner to help you known.

 WWE Champions Special Moves

All superstars have three moves for battle, and stronger superstars may have four or more moves so you can select which are the best moves for you
To unlock new moves, you need to keep on leveling up your superstars
There are different color special moves for each character and fillup and use special moves you need to combine the same color bricks.

 WWE Champions Tokens

You can collect tokens from matches, loot crates, and even by leveling up.

 WWE Champions Game Modes

Gauntlet Blitz
TO join the gauntlet blitz, you need to add few characters from your roster you can add up to 9 characters the characters you choose must meet the requirement
To claim the complete rewards, you need to complete the Gauntlet blitz.
While playing the Gauntlet blitz, you can not add any more superstars, and your chosen superstars do not heal once they are injured. They won't be an able battle in that particular Gauntlet blitz.

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